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Eric N. Mack and Haley Wollens present the release of “BODICE” An artist's book executed over a two-year window, the project materializes as a one hundred eight page image assemblage of multiple creative sessions featuring Azealia Banks, Maya Barrera Loeb, Gabrielle Mack, and Omahyra Mota Eric N. Mack and Haley Wollens engaged and responded to the Kiko...
Ancient greek black metal recalling the evil spirit of the early 90’s scene. trend proof, bombastic and mystic. the crawling riffs and billowing vocals of sorcery call all the elements together under the moonlight graveyard to resurrect this cult horde infamous from their rare unisound records cd. 
Opium Crop Airstrikes is a Vatican Shadow EP with long-form industrial tracks in the style known from Jordanian Descent (2012). A portion of the proceeds go to AYOK civil society volunteer organization for earthquake relief in rural Mexico. Cassette comes in oversized package; includes fold-out poster.
The unreleased would be classic from japanese noise hero painjerk. originally recorded immediately after the canonical ‘gallon gravy’ classic, this is pure - definitive - loop heavy noise energy and dynamism that would become the signature of kohei gomi’s electronic studies having influenced two generations of underground electronics since.
After his critically acclaimed roto-dub12” ‘Riddims du Lieu-dit’, Low Jack produces a highly articulate hybrid mix edited from an Editions Gravats showcase, showing his strange meeting of industrial cut-up dancehall and organic artificial intelligence.
Nathaniel Young is perhaps dance music’s most hypnotic producer from the current generation. Here he shows that besides cutting the club in half with his ‘Guilt Attendant’ techno project he can also take the listener into a head space of two long form tracks of ambience somewhere between Deepchord and krautrock-influenced dark theistic psychedelia gritted...
Repressed 20th anniversary edition with updated layout. The minimalist turning point and confluence of all the band’s influences on the road to underground mastery! Possessed doom punk black metal!
Faithfully restored for vinyl 20th anniversary edition of the band’s third album. 2xLP version giving the proper space for vinyl that it always deserved. Bonus tracks included are from a brutal full band full band rehearsal from the era. Natural disaster black metal!
Resembling moments of Pacific 231 live recordings from the early 80’s. This is the first full length vinyl lp for Linekraft and it shows he has arrived on record with the same atmosphere of his brilliant performances in the flesh. For fans of Esplendor Geometrico, Vivenza and White Hospital.
the two modern masters of the industrial noise and cacophony collide on this crushing 10” intersecting at the little known and largely forgotten cold war crossroads of the cambodian civil war and the some could argue its deep predecessor of the korean war. 2 decayed and corrupted tracks from each artist spreading rotten winds.
morbid and baroque keyboard organ intros accompany a caustic and harsh hammering black death metal, complete with ripping guitar solos courtesy of arthur rizk with winding interactive single note leads set atop the crumbling temple of riffs. 
'amplified tactics' collects 4 segments of live performances from texas and mexico in 1999, rolling back to an era when live noise shows were isolated mysterious affairs or opportunities to infiltrate mundane society via bars, tea shops, art galleries, youth centers and goth clubs.
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 wide spectrum post-punk from St. Petersburg, Russia. Here one may hear heavy and demanding drums with highly fuzzed out ethereal guitar work alongside her standout and austere vocals that unlike most in this field are not hidden behind curtains, as heard on the bleakly infectious track 'Our Heroes Are Leaving Us, Our Heroes Are Gone’.
as part of the series of the 9th anniversary of the project arrives ‘american flesh for violence’, a 2xcs featuring one tape of both moody and dense unreleased tracks from the archives as well as a companion tape of remixes throughout the projects history featuring: alessandro cortini, ancient methods, CUB, and JK flesh. packaged in double flat jewel box...
The first volume of an archives series from cult industrial French band Geins't Nait.Founded in 1986 by Thierry Merigout and Vincent Hachet, both students at the Architecture School of Nancy, Geins’t Naït (G.N) published six albums between 1986 and 1993 on Permis De Construire. Their work can be defined as raw and fascinating, largely influences by...
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PAN digs into the archives of WordSound label founder Skiz Fernando Jr. (a.k.a. Spectre) to reissue his 1998 experimental hip-hop mixtape, Ruff Kutz, originally released as an extremely limited edition cassette. A 90 minute, mixtape featuring hits and remixes, previ- ously unreleased tracks, and dub-plate specials featuring Sensational, Mr Dead, Bill Las-...
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Luke Younger returns to PAN with an eight-track album of his most direct work to date. Composed alone at NO studio in the Essex countryside
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Further departing from both the cinematic abstraction of ‘Piteous Gate’ and the hectic drums of ‘Damaged Merc’, Berlin producer M.E.S.H’s new full-length, ‘Hesaitix’, is marked by its hyper-ornamented rhythms and a sense of pensive, moonlit spaces.
Movimiento Para Cambio, is the full-length and debut for PAN from Montreal based duo Pelada. Comprising of vocalist Chris Vargas and producer Tobias Rochman, they have gained international attention through the city’s underground warehouse rave scene.
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