You have the possibility to choose between the in-store raffle with pick up and the online raffle with delivery. Only one registration per person and per color is allowed, multiple registrations won’t be accepted.

If you win you will receive a confirmation email on the 15th of November from 2pm for the in-store raffle, the 18th of November from 2pm for the online raffle. Winners will have the possibility to buy a pair on the 16th, 18th, 19th, 20th of November in-store or online and get delivered depending on the type of raffle they chose.

Only winners will receive a confirmation email.

For those who participated in the in-store raffle, please note that you must present a valid ID and the confirmation email in order to purchase your pair in store.
For those who would like to participate in the online purchase raffle, please note that you need to have a confirmed PayPal account and an account on our website ( with the same email address used for the PayPal account.

There will be no delivery for the in-store raffle.

We will give out a second chance to the people who have been unsuccessful in the first raffle In order to attribute the sneakers that haven’t been picked up by the winners.

The raffle ends in

Price : €160